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There must be something in the water, although FINA the body that runs swimming is certainly hoping that is not the case at the World Swimming Championships in Barcelona.

Prior to the event starting FINA announced they would be conducting more than 800 doping tests at the meet. They also said that 480 athletes would be given surprise blood tests in the days leading up to the event and another 320 blood or urine tests during competition.

The findings will also be incorporated into FINA’s biological passport programme which commenced last year with 30 competitors and has now grown to 300. This programme monitors an athletes blood profile over time to look for any signs of doping.

The testing of 800 athletes means a third of the 2,293 athletes competing in swimming, diving, water polo, synchronised swimming and a new discipline, high diving will be tested.

FINA should be applauded for tackling the doping issue head on, and as their Executive Director Cornel Marculescu said, “I hope we have records and no positive tests.”

Natural Water

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