My Mum Helped Me Do It.

It must be something to do with the southern hemisphere, where mum’s play such a major part in a young athlete’s life. Who can forget Shane Warne blaming his mum for hims taking the wrong pills?

On a more positive note New Zealand Cyclist Chris Ross at the Paralympics announced that fulfilling his dream of competing at the London 2012 Paralympics had been a costly experience, especially for his mum.

“We get grants depending on our ranking at the last World Championships, but they get eaten up pretty quickly. Then you run to your parents and say ‘we’ll put you in a good retirement home if you help us out now.’ I think my mother wished I had done better in swimming, because that is just a pair of speedos rather than a few ten thousand dollar bikes.”

She may well have but we have no doubt she was as proud as any parent to see their child fulfil their dream. At least he appreciates the sacrifices she has made.

My Mum Helped Me Do It.
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