Moving The Lines for A Good Cause

We have heard of moving the Goalposts to try and gain an advantage, but never the markings on the pitch.

Perth Glory this weekend will be playing in their normal away strip of white against the Brisbane Roar as part of their “White Line Fever” promotion to raise money for Therapy Focus, one of their chosen charities; and Not The Footy Show urges everyone attending to go in white to show their support for this great cause.

The club is to be commended for really trying to get behind such a worthwhile cause, and they even put together a short video promoting the White Line Fever.

It showed a select few players in the tunnel and then when given the signal they step over a white line on the ground, however the white line is actually on the concrete in the tunnel. It would appear that the marketing person behind the filming is definitely not a sports fan. The ‘white line’ referred to in ‘White Line Fever’ is of course the white line that players step over and into the field of play on the pitch, not some rare line in the players tunnel.

No matter really, as long as everyone wears white, supports the cause and roars the team into a home final.

Moving The Lines for A Good Cause
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One thought on “Moving The Lines for A Good Cause

  • February 24, 2012 at 11:30 pm

    I saw this and thought the fact that there were only four players summed up how Glory always do things on the cheap. Again the idea is a good one but it is executed so poorly. It is amateur, and should never have been approved.

    You are too kind, must say lately I feel you have toned down your criticism of the club, hopeful that is not the case as you have always pointed out failings and praised the good things. Please don’t change that.

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