Move Over! I Can’t See Where I’m Going

Ferrari’s Felipe Massa may have found a unique way to get the other F1 drivers to move out of his way. Massa has been spotted wearing glasses when driving his own car off the track, but has claimed this is just precautionary to prolong his racing career.

He is quoted on the official Ferrari website as saying, “I just have a little bit of myopia (short-sightedness), so I just wear them when I’m driving in the evening and when I’m watching a movie. I prefer to read better what’s written on the screen. Usually for racing, also at night, it’s OK.”

The Brazillian’s eyesight has watched with interest ever since an accident during the 2009 F1 season. A suspension spring from Reubens Barichello’s car hit his helmet during qualifying in Hungary. That brought an end to his season as he suffered a skull fracture.
With F1 Starting in Bahrain this weekend look out for drivers checking their mirrors for the Myopic Massa!

Move Over! I Can’t See Where I’m Going
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