Mile’s Better

Congratulations to Perth Gory on their pre Christmas defeat of Adelaide United, and congratulations to the coaching staff.

Ian Ferguson left out under-performing marquee player Mile Sterjovski over the past few games and took a huge risk by restoring him to the starting lineup for the game against Adelaide United. Why was it a risk? Playing Sterjovski up front alongside Fowler will always be a risk, as neither player tracks back or closes down when they lose the ball, allowing opposition defences the time and space to play the ball out from the back. This has then stretched the hard working midfield, who, in some quarters, has had to shoulder the blame for the poor run of results.

Sterjovski however performed putting in his best performance in a Glory shirt, now he must maintain that standard.
It was also great to see the defence playing a much higher line than they have in the past, this prevented Adelaide’s midfield the time and space to play the ball, although the second goal from Adelaide was a direct result of the defence sitting too deep.

Coach Ian Ferguson was constantly shouting at the defence to push up, but the older statesmen, Sekulovski and Harnwell continually dropped off; obviously both fearing that they would get caught out with a ball in behind them.
Ferguson has been under huge pressure from outside the club, but has shown that he will not tolerate under par performances from ‘star’ players, yet he too will suffer like coaches before him unless he is given a long term contract.

If only give one year the players will continue to collect their pay check without putting in on the park until a new coach comes on board. Hopefully the management will learn their lesson.

A hard working Sterjovski gave McGarry, Burns and Pellegrino the space and time to play to their strengths and what a difference it made. Hopefully this may be the start of a great run post Christmas, although a Finals berth may well be out of reach.

Mile’s Better
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