Mayweather’s Millions

There is no doubt that sports salaries have become obscene, but the sad fact is as long as someone is prepared to pay, you cannot blame the athlete for taking the money.

Floyd Mayweather has just revealed his earnings from his recent victory over Marcos Maidana. He earned $32million for the 36 minutes it took him to win a decision over Maidana. That is $2, 666, 667 per round, $888,889 per minute and $14, 815 per second. To be fair this does not take into account the hours spent training for the fight and the fact that he has to pay all of his support staff out of this windfall.

If fans are stunned by that, he is still waiting for the pay per view television figures as he has a large cut of these, expected to net him a further $38million.

Many hate the flamboyant Mayweather and his aptly named support crew The Money Team, but who can blame the guy if people want to pay him these sorts of sums of money.

Having seen many boxers and sportsmen before him squander the money they have earned once they retire, there are many who are already saying his spending and gambling habits will see him in the same position when the bright lights are turned off in the ring for the last time. Time will tell, but he has been pretty shrewd the way he has managed his career and his opponents, so don’t be surprised if he does indeed manage to hang onto most of his accumulated wealth.


Mayweather’s Millions
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