Marriage of Convenience

Many jokes have been made about marriages over the years. Some are happy, some are disastrous some are arranged and some are downright convenient. It appears that should all go well at the meeting tomorrow between Harry Kewell and Perth Glory Coach Ian Ferguson and CEO Paul Kelly, this could be a marriage of convenience.

Kewell is desperate to keep playing professional football and was no doubt miffed that no club in any of the four divisions in England were prepared to sign him, some would, we believe not even let him come and train with them. He has a dream of playing in another World Cup finals in Brazil in 2014. Without a club that dream looks to be one of the pipe variety. If he can achieve a short term deal at Perth Glory he can show his ability and hopefully attract a club in the January transfer window.

The FFA have built so much of their promotion of the game around Harry Kewell that they too would love to see him pull on the green and gold as it means they have to do less in terms of generating interest. As to one segment of the Australian market Kewell is still an attractive marketing tool.

So where does Perth Glory come in? This is where one almost feels there has been a sting acted out at the Melbourne Cup. Perth Glory owner loves to be linked to people with a public persona, and be photographed with them, and mentioned on the internet or in newspapers.

Harry Kewell fits the bill perfectly as a player that will meet his needs in the tiny city of Perth. The FFA may well step in and offer to pay some of Harry’s wages to help their cause. Sage will have to pay little for his ‘new best buddy’ whom he can be seen around town with, and Kewell gets to showcase his skills and hopefully pick up a contract somewhere else in January. The whole sting being based around the Perth Glory owner’s ego and vanity.

If it comes off, and this is indeed the way the whole deal is played out, one has to worry about the impact it will have on the team and the squad. Something that is the least of their concerns when it comes to the FFA and Mr Sage.

Quite simply Perth Glory do not need Harry Kewell, if they did they would have tried to sign him in the close season. They have a good balanced squad and it should not be tinkered with at this crucial time.


Marriage of Convenience
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4 thoughts on “Marriage of Convenience

  • November 8, 2012 at 2:31 pm

    Thanks as always for your comment. That is what is great about this country we can all have differing opinions.

    I accept that he put up the dollars, and I accept that in his social life he can mix with who he likes, but there is an understanding that you can do what you like but do not ruin the brand that is the community or the fans club.

    Too many owners of clubs in Australia fail to realise that even though they own the club and pay all the bills the fans have an ownership too, and that must always be respected.

    This is why I do not like the Franchise model. One owner could come in destroy a club and then walk away leaving it in ruins, in terms of supporters, sponsors, playing staff etc.

    If Harry Kewell wants to help the youth come through that would be great, but I have never heard of him expressing that desire or any evidence of him moving down that path, which is a shame.

  • November 8, 2012 at 10:47 am

    Your comments are not valid Ash. as both you and the other two comments fail to recognise that if Sage hadnt put up the $$$$$$$ then there would be no Perth Glory ..

    Kewell may be finished at International Level but (at the right price) he still could offer his experience to the club and the younger members of Glory A League squad and the Youth Squad . It is not just what he is capable of on the park but also off the park in that capacity that can be a positive in signing him .. IMO .

    Critics of Sage seem to miss that point and I believe he is entitled to be socially around with anyone he wishes . Millionaires do have a life outside of business

  • November 8, 2012 at 9:50 am

    Perth Glory is and always has been a publicty outlet for Tony Sage, the man knows nothing about football. As you say this would be the easiest sting to pull off, play to the man’s ego and his love of being seen with famous people and you can get him to do anything.

    When will the WA media stop fuelling his ego. Leave him alone and then he may go away. Perth Glory is bigger than Tony Sage just as any club in the world is bigger than their Chairman. The best clubs you don’t even know who the Chairman is! I am sure he is one of the reasons people no longer follow the team.

    Well said Super sub re Fox, but then again what would they know being based in Sydney!

  • November 8, 2012 at 9:38 am

    You may well have hit the nail on the head with this one. Sadly Perth Glory is all about Tony Sage’s ego. He couldn’t give a stuff about football as every coach who has worked for him has found out. His crocodile tears at the grand final where he poked himself in the eyes only fooled the gullible AFL loving media in Perth and the fawning fools at Fox who refuse to comment of facts rather than FFA spin.

    If Kewell signs for Perth today it will purely be for Tony Sage’s ego and that is not how to run a football club. Ferguson will then be forced to play him and the team will be de-stabilised. The only winners are Kewell, Sage and if Holger picks him the FFA.

    Kewell, accept it you are finished, no one wants you. If you want to be Tony’s friend then do it under genuine circumstances not so the both of you get what you want at Perth Glory’s expense!

    While I am hear tend to believe Nick Tana on the paper today more than Tony. He is a whinger and it is embarrassing.

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