Marquee to be a Thing of the Past

The end of the marquee player in the A league is just around the corner, also the number of foreign players is about to be reduced for season 2011/12.

It has been proposed that the term “marquee” be dropped from the A League vernacular next season, and each club will be allowed one player outside of the salary cap. So gone will be the chance to have, as Perth Glory have this season, Robbie Fowler as a foreign marquee player and Mile Sterjovski as an Australian marquee player. The reason for this decision we are lead to believe is due to the fact that so many marquee players have failed to live up to the status bestowed upon them, and it has had a negative impact on the A league.

Of course saving money has nothing to do with it.

As for the reduction on the number of visa or foreign players this is again aimed at encouraging the clubs to develop, or give game-time to local talent. Although it is believed that certain quarters of the powers that be are concerned about European players coming to Australia to play when aged in their early thirties. The sad fact with this is that unlike rugby union and the sport we do not mention, footballers are often in their prime in their late twenties and early thirties. Some of these players definitely raising the bar in the A league in terms of their passing ability and vision. It must also not be forgotten that such players bring punters through the turnstiles, as opposed to a twenty-something unknown.

Marquee to be a Thing of the Past
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