Making Sense?

Many years ago there was a headline in the English Papers that asked “When did Wednesday last fall on a Tuesday?” The answer to what seemed a silly question was in fact quite logical, the answer was the night before the paper was printed when Swindon Town – then in the old 4th Division – had defeated Sheffield Wednesday – then of the old First division on a Tuesday evening in the League Cup. So despite sounding ridiculous the question did actually make sense.

However we came across the following on the Perth Glory website and have to admit it is more than a little confusing:

“The Hyundai Matchday Saturday Grand Final show is live on Friday March 19 at 4.30pm (AWST) on Fox Sports 3, and will be shown again ahead of the A-League Grand Final live coverage on Saturday March 20 at 2pm (AWST) on Fox Sports 3.”

If the show is on a Friday and there is no match that day how can it be “Matchday Saturday?”

Making Sense?
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