Making Money on Murray

If Andy Murray manages to do what seemed as unlikely as Queensland winning the Sheffield Shield and lift the Wimbledon trophy as a British male Champion one man may be incredibly please with his investment.

Last week at London Auctioneers Bonhams one buyer shelled out GBP15,000 for a shirt that Andy Murray wore – and had subsequently signed – when he won the US Open in 2012. This was twice what the auctioneers had expected the item to raise. Should he win Wimbledon its value could rise even further.

The Auction was held to raise money for the charity The Princes Trust.

One item which had a very unique place in Britain’s sporting history was the original Lonsdale belt won in 1916 by Welsh Welterweight Johnny Basham; great name for a boxer! He uniquely faced manslaughter charges after an opponent died in the ring. He was in the end acquitted. The asking price for this item was GBP35000. There were however no bidders.

Making Money on Murray
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