Making Hay in Dubai

In years to come a sporting event in Dubai may well become the answer to a Trivia question.

As on Friday night WBC straw weight boxing champion Xiong Zhao Zhong who was the first Chinese boxer to win a World Title, and title challenger Denver Cuello will make history when they take part in the first Championship fight to be held in the United Arab Emirates.

Xiong Zhao Zhong conquered the WBC straw weight title in Kunming City Stadium, in China, on November 24th 2012, to write his name into the history books.

This will be his first title defence and a victory will help boxing establish a sold hold in the minds of the Chinese sporting public.

The bout is being dubbed  “The wonder in the UAE.” which seems a little tame, “Desert Storm”  was a non starter, and “The Last Straw” too cheesy. Any suggestions?

Making Hay in Dubai
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