Madness For Madaschi

In last weekend’s state Premier League Clash between Floreat Athena and the Western Knights, Floreat defender Julian Madaschi was shown a straight red card by referee Michael Jasinski. Footage of the incident is available right here:

There is no doubt that the referee would have seen Madaschi launch himself into the tackle and that is why he received the straight red card.

What does seem ridiculous or even mad is the penalty that has been meted out to Madaschi, a five week ban. The decision we believe was based on the referees report. A one match ban received for the straight red card and four weeks for the ‘severity’ of the offence. The state league is only 22 games in duration. This offence has occurred in round two and the powers that be have now rubbed out a player for a quarter of the season. This is plain crazy.

If clubs are to try and attract crowds they need to have their best players on the park. If a player starts a fight and punches are thrown, or the referee is threatened that is a different matter and long term suspensions should be given, but for an overzealous tackle to suspend someone for a quarter of the season is detrimental to the game as a whole.

Last season saw one of the states better players turn his back on the game after copping a long suspension. We cannot afford more players to follow that lead, or football in the state will suffer dramatically. Sponsors will withdraw, and the Perth Glory will have a smaller talent pool on which to draw.

Time for some common sense, please.

Madness For Madaschi
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