Loyalty Not To Be Sneezed At

Former World Champion boxer Ricky Hatton who ended Kostya Tzyu’s career may be looking to buy a dog.

Having tweeted “If you want loyalty buy a dog” it appears this may be the only option open to him as Boxing’s powerful appear to be closing ranks on the former Champion.

Hatton who is now a boxing promoter has recently been told that the Sky Channel in the UK, who he helped to establish as a boxing channel when working his way to the top and becoming Champion of the World, will not renew his contract as a promoter.

The only television station open to him now is BoxNation run by fellow promoter Frank Warren, who used to promote Hatton when he was the “Hitman.” It was in fact Warren who questioned Hatton’s loyalty when he left his Promotion company at the peak of his career.

Maybe this proves that what goes around comes around, or that loyalty is something that cuts both ways. Hopefully something can be sorted out so that the boxers under his charge do not miss out, as it would be unfortunate for them to suffer for the sins of their promoter.

Loyalty Not To Be Sneezed At
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