Listen to Mum

British Olympic Boxing champion James DeGale announced last week that he was back and that he had signed up with a new promoter in Eddie Hearn’s Matchroom stable. Not only that he was lined up for a Super Middleweight title eliminator at Wembley Stadium on 31 May.

DeGale had become disenchanted with the sport after being unable to secure any meaningful fights on any worthwhile cards and was looking to throw in the towel.

“Six months ago I was in a dark place. I went, ‘Mum, I’ve got tow properties, a nice car and a pension so screw this boxing. I’ll earn UKL1000 a week doing personal training.’ She said, ‘Don’t be stupid,’ and she was right. Potentially there’s some crazy money to be made. This is going to be fun now.”

Having listened to his mum and heeded her advice, let’s hope he looks after her and shows his appreciation for her wisdom.

Listen to Mum
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