Lighting the Way

A couple of weeks ago we posted s story criticizing the standard of the pitches being used for the All Flags Finals series. At the final yesterday we received mixed feedback. In the main congratulating us for articulating what most people feel, and that if we are to take the game forward these sorts of issues need to be addressed.

Stirling Lions however felt that the criticism was unjustified, however they did conceded that their lights had not been set up properly yet, by that we mean angled correctly to give maximum light on the pitch. Which surely justifies our comments, doesn’t it?

The club was upset that we had not acknowledged the progress that they had made with their ground. The article we wrote was related purely to them hosting an evening game under lights. There is no doubt the Committee at Stirling Lions have done a great job in recent years. In the early 90’s this was possibly the best venue in Western Australia, but it was allowed to go downhill. The people running the club in the past few years have done an excellent job restoring the club to its former high standards, and this is as always an ongoing process. They have done a fantastic job, of that there is no doubt and they do deserve credit, there is no doubt other clubs would be very envious of their ground and clubhouse.

Their representative felt yesterday that their lights were of an equal standard to Inglewood’s and that if the game we wrote about should not have been played under lights neither should the Perth Glory Youth League game. We would agree that the lights were probably not of a standard acceptable for a National Youth League game, and we would prefer to see these games played during daylight hours, but the Inglewood set up is one of the best options the Glory and Football West have.

Lighting the Way
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