Letting the Game Down

Football West will hold their AGM this evening even though it was called outside of the rules set down by the corporations act, which their constitution says they are governed by.

It should be a very interesting affair if those elected by the clubs, players and officials are truly representing those parties, as there is a great deal of discontent in the football family. However many question whether the Zone reps and Standing Committees will ask any questions let alone the hard ones as many clubs have never seen their representative.

What is a major concern to many is that the State League Standing committee which is the area where there the biggest changes to the structure of the game are expected has not met prior to the AGM to discuss concerns or key issues going forward. In fact the word is that they do not plan to meet until the new year around 06 January.This is disrespectful to those that they are supposed to represent and should be unacceptable. How can the clubs allow this to happen?

This is where the current structure falls over. This is the one time in the year where those with the power to ask questions and be heard, as well as have those concerns minuted, yet they let those they represent down by not taking the time to discuss key issues before their meeting with the board.

People wonder why the clubs are pushed down paths they do not want to go, and the game moves in directions that are the opposite to the ones advocated by the masses, but if those elected to represent you fail in their obligations is it really any wonder?

Quite simply these actions have confirmed what many already knew, that these bodies are not representative of the people they purport to stand for. The system or the personnel need changing.

Letting the Game Down
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