Leighton Knows

Having spent his spare time advertising toilet paper there is no doubt that Australian tennis player knows his s**t.

Having arrived in Perth for the annual Hopman Cup tournament it was great to read his response to a journalist’s question, as to whether it would be special to win the final event at the Burswood Dome.

“Yeah it would be nice. Once again though you people in Perth have been saying that for seven or eight years now. I keep coming back and it’s still here. So I’m not holding my breath that we’ll be playing anywhere different next year.”

This was a bulls-eye from Hewitt and both sets of Politicians in the WA Government should be embarrassed by such comments, as they are ultimately the ones responsible for ensuring that the builder contracted to deliver the new Perth Arena delivers on time.

In 2005 when it was announced the building was to cost $160 million and to be completed in 2009. We are now in 2012 and have been told completion will not be until August, and the cost has blown out to $548.7million.

The question has to be asked as the junket to Europe and the states to investigate the new multi-purpose stadium for Perth, is can these same people be relied upon to deliver a new sports stadium for the people of Western Australia. Would we not be better off to look outside of the state for a builder and maybe a contract lawyer who puts in penalty clauses should the contracted builder fail to deliver.

There is a show on television called “Cowboy Builders” maybe we should have one in Australia called “Cowboy Politicians.”

Leighton Knows
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