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There is no doubt sports administrators in Australia do not like having better ways of doing things suggested, and when someone points out or suggests and alternative that person is then accused of knocking the sport and at times completely ostracised. In many cases you either tow the party line or are branded a rebel. Do as they say or face the consequences.

The performance of Adelaide United last night in the final round of the regular season of the Hyundai A League was a great argument as to why the Hyundai A League has to follow the lead of virtually ever football competition around the world, where all the games in the final round are played at the same time on the final day.

The argument as this writer found out in no uncertain terms when he raised it on air with Fox Sports is that this does not suit the broadcaster. However one has to ask what is more important, the integrity of the game or the fact that the broadcaster can show every game live? Which if such a format were introduced would be understandably very hard for Fox Sports.

Last night’s performance by Adelaide United was lacklustre, and that is being kind. Perth Glory needed a draw to deny Sydney FC a finals berth and it looked as if Adelaide were quite happy for them to achieve that goal and prevent Sydney a finals place. Had all the games been played at the same time each team in the hunt for a finals spot would have had to play their hearts out as they waited to hear how their competitors for those positions were getting on.

Germany played Austria at the World Cup in 1982 and a 1-0 win to Germany meant that both teams would progress at the expense of Chile  and Algeria, and with Germany 1-0 up the game became a farce. As a result FIFA made all deciding games be played at the same time. Last night proved Australia must do the same.

Learn From Experience
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