Leadership Required not Committees

Football West announced on Friday a Junior League allocation committee, so that the allocation of teams to the junior leagues could be more transparent. The committee to be made up of two Football West Staff Members, two junior standing committee members and a Football West board member.

Some may say that this is a good move, but I have to say it reflects the governance of the country, too many committees’ and not enough decision-making.

Why not stick to the original process and simply make it an open meeting where interested parties can attend and listen to the discussions and see how the decisions were reached?

To create another committee, shows a lack of strength as a governing body and a lack of confidence in the decisions that you make. This has been the problem in the past, a lack of strong leadership. Let us hope that this is not the way forward with even more decisions being made following the creation of new committees.

Leadership Required not Committees
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One thought on “Leadership Required not Committees

  • September 2, 2009 at 5:07 pm

    What you suggest makes total sense. The sport lacks strong leadership. Too many people worried about their own image rather than the games!

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