Lane One to The Games

Why is it that every Olympic Games there are always issues that cause much angst and bad publicity to the event?

There is no doubt that the people of Great Britain are very happy to be hosting the Games for a third time, especially as the last time was 64 years ago, and ticket sales have been excellent. However it now appears that there are issues popping up in relation to tickets.

First of all the news that some of the athletes competing can only obtain two tickets each to the event that the are competing in has upset some. We however see nothing really wrong with this, no longer are these athletes amateurs, and two tickets seems reasonable, for parents or wives/husbands and a parent; possibly three tickets may have made more sense. What should have happened is that they be given the option to buy additional tickets for the extra members of their families attending the Games.

However one issue that has the Brits hot under the collar is the fact that some top of the range tickets are offering tickets punters ‘prime’ events that include a stay in a West End five star hotel and then allows a chauffeur-driven car to use the special traffic bus lanes.

Londoners are far from happy saying that traffic congestion in London is bad enough already without having these VIPs slow the city’s public transport system even more.

Lane One to The Games
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