Kuduzela to replace Vuvuzela for good

You may recall that on this blog we featured a piece about the Vuvuzela that was heard throughout the Confederations Cup, and annoyed many television viewers and spectators unfamiliar with the sound. Well South African is about to unleash a new instrument on the world, the Kuduzela

In some African traditions the Kudu horn – a beautiful type of deer, which tastes great – is used to call people together at the royal house or a community gathering, but often as a call to battle.  The organizers want this new instrument to call everyone to Africa for the FIFA World Cup in 2010.

The new instrument, which is like a vuvuzela but curved more like a kudu horn has been launched by the South African National Parks and First National Bank (FNB).

The sound of this instrument is reported as sounding more like a trumpeting elephant, which has to be better than the vuvuzela, although the television companies broadcasting the games may disagree.

The plusses are however that the Kuduzela was produced by a manufacturing plant where the global economy had hit them very hard. This incentive was a way of keeping the plant operational and their staff employed.

In addition a percentage of the manufacturing cost of the Kuduzela will go to a conservation project – Kids in Parks. This is an environmental education programme aimed at helping children explore South Africa’s National Parks and understand their place in the natural and cultural world.

Now that is something to blow your own horn about!

Kuduzela to replace Vuvuzela for good
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