Knockout Performance by WA Boxers

The National Boxing Championships were held over the weekend in Canberra and WA’s talent must have been inspired by the performance of fellow Western Australian, Danny Green the day before the championships started, as they had a great championships.

Sam Blyth won the men’s 81kg title, while Ross Weaver won the 75kg title and Mark Pevinsky won the 60kg title, John Squillace made the 91kg finals but sadly lost 4 points to nil.

In the female category WA won more titles with Kelly McGrath winning the 54kg title, Claire Ghabrial the 60kg title and Elisha Buckley the 75kg title. While Kylie Gibellini and Jessica Bouquet made the final and lost. This is very promising for the women and may see Western Australian women represent Australia at the Olympics.

The juniors also excelled at the Championships, and as much as people knock the sport, showed that it is thriving. Teaching young people discipline and respect, keeping them fit and also keeping them off the streets or away from computer games.

Well done all athletes and all coaches

Knockout Performance by WA Boxers
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