Keeping your Winnings

Its Melbourne Cup day and not only will the winning horse, jockey and owner being going home with a nice cash prize as well as being a part of history, but thousands of punters will be rushing to pick up their winnings from various betting outlets.

In both cases it is the being involved the taking part that is the driving force, but if you win you want the rewards due to you.

Not The Footy Show was therefore surprised to hear that one sporting body in Western Australia is not giving its competition winners the cash prize that comes with being crowned Champions. The winning team has been given some cash and the rest is being held as a credit for next season. This has apparently ben the case for the past few years.

As we are talking about sums of several thousand dollars surely the clubs would rather have that money sitting in their bank account earning interest rather than the administrators?

It seems a bizarre set of circumstances. Were all the teams in the competition aware that these would be the terms if they won the competition?

Imagine if the various betting outlets held back some of the winnings from the lucky punters, as credit for next year, or if the Victoria Racing Club said the same to the winning owner, jockey and trainer?

A very strange situation and even more strange that the clubs accept these terms.

Keeping your Winnings
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