Just Talk Football, Please.

For close on the last year we have bit our lips about the constant references to the crowds whenever there is a press conference or an interview with any of the playing staff from Perth Glory, but the arrival of Robbie Fowler was the last straw.

The Perth Glory has signed a man who is without doubt a legend of the game – irrespective of future performances- and a player who is undoubtedly the clubs biggest name signing in its history. So when he comes let us talk football with the man.

Instead we have inane questions about what he thinks the crowd will be like. We have him saying he hopes to swell the gate. This has nothing to do with the players, and has become extremely boring if you are interested in football.

The Marketing and Administration side of the club are the ones who are there to pump up attendance figures and sell memberships. Yes the players need to be personable and realise that they have a part to play in public and on the pitch by performing well and attracting people through the gate.

We would like to see the club pay $10 to a chosen charity every time a player raises an issue about the crowd without being asked specifically about it from here on in. Good idea?

Please cut it out and talk about football, the game on the park and actual game related issues.

Just Talk Football, Please.
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