Jumping Rope

Everyone knows that one of the ways boxers manage to stay light on their feet is by jumping rope, or skipping.

One boxer found that his promoter was great at jumping rope but his timing could do with a bit of work.

Carl Froch is a British Boxer who a week ago became three time world super middleweight champion with his victory over IBF champion Lucien Bote.

His promoter, Eddie Hearn, son of promoter Barry was so ecstatic that he was the first to jump the ropes into the ring and hug his client. Luckily for Froch the American referee did not see ‘Fast Eddie’ as he was still counting out Bute. Had he done so he would have been forced to disqualify Froch and award the fight to the out on his feet Canadian.

Jumping Rope

One thought on “Jumping Rope

  • June 22, 2012 at 11:45 am

    Interesting, but did this really happen?
    Congrats to Carl Froch for becoming a champion.

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