It’s Just Not Cricket!

Thursday evening the ICC Cricket World Cup finally becomes worth taking an interest in as after a prolonged preliminary round we get down to the last eight teams in the tournament. Any mistakes now and it is time to go home. Pakistan have beaten the West Indies the night before and now Australia face India in their Quarter final.

Remember Australia was going for an unprecedented 4th World Cup win in a row. India believed that if they beat Australia they would be the unofficial World Champions. As an aside if Australia lost this game the curtain could come down on many senior players including Captain Ricky Ponting.

With so much at stake one would have thought that the ABC would have broadcast the game, but when we like many others were in our car that night all we could pick up was the sport we do not mention.

 Surely the national team playing in a World Cup is more important to the majority of the population than the first round of a national competition?

Judging by Australia’s performance it would not have been pleasant listening, but it should have been readily available, not just to those with digital radios!

It really wasn’t cricket.

It’s Just Not Cricket!
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