It’s Gone to Penalties in Qatar.

Qatar’s 2022 World Cup organisers have announced this week that they will penalise contractors who violate the welfare of construction workers working on building the stadia for the showcase event.

This move has come about after world wide condemnation over its poor labour rights record, and the fact that some workers had lost their lives already.

However many feel that this move is simply that, to try and appease overseas criticism. As the standards unveiled by the Qatar 2022 Supreme Committee does not deal with the issue of sponsorship of migrant workers that a UN official stated in November “was a source of labour abuse.”

Qatar is facing a challenge to complete a massive construction and infrastructure project before they host the World Cup.

The spotlight is very much on them and the world is expecting real action rather than lip service. It will now be interesting to see if any of the contractors do in fact receive any penalties, or if they will in fact turn a blind eye, in order to meet their targets.

It’s Gone to Penalties in Qatar.

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