It’s About More Than Just Football

Avid football fans will remember Victoria Beckham otherwise known as “Posh” from the Spice Girls launched a legal battle against Peterborough United who had been nicknamed “The Posh” over the use of the word.

Peterborough had been known as The Posh since the 1920’s a long time before anyone ever dreamt of girl Power; in fact it was even before women were given the vote in the UK! Yet despite this in 2002 the UK Patents Office confirmed that Ms Beckham had lodged a counter-claim to the football club’s application to register the nickname, the old one having run out.

The two parties went to court and the club was victorious.

In 2008 the local newspaper the Peterborough Telegraph reported that a deal had been brokered between the club and Ms Beckham where the club relinquished the name in a financial settlement. Fans were in an uproar, but it proved to be an April Fools day story.

In recent months north of the border Scottish Premier League side Kilmarnock have been embroiled in a legal battle of their own over the famous Killie Pie.

Brownings Bakers, makers of the award winning local delicacy sparked what was labeled “pie wars” with the club’s board by applying to trademark the fans’ favourite.

Kilmarnock trademarked the ‘Killie’ name for club merchandise in 1998 and believe Brownings cashed in on the success of a product, once again voted the best in the Premiership in January.

At the time a club statement confirmed that “In 2003, it was agreed by the then Kilmarnock chief executive that Brownings would supply the match-day tea-bar catering and as part of that agreement, Brownings were given the right to use the club’s ‘Killie’ trademark on its pies.This was a commercial agreement which included an annual sponsorship spend on advertising and hospitality but with no additional charge for Brownings’ use of the “Killie” trademark.”

In the off season of 2015, Brownings opened discussions for an exclusive trademark licence agreement through their solicitors but allegedly without informing the club. The baker applied for their own trademark for the “Killie Pie” name.

However there was more to this than meets the eye. reports from Scotland claim that Brownings Managing Director John Gall who is a lifelong supporter of the club and has been a vocal critic of company secretary Michael Johnston hatched the move following the club’s decision to sack Kenny Shiels as manager in 2013, a move he publicly opposed.

Last week Mr Gall announced that the pies will continue to be made by Brownings and will continue to be made “with Brownings secret blend of gravy and seasonings along with the finest cuts of meat.” The only difference is it will now be known as the Kilmarnock Pie. Brownings claimed they had no other option but to rename the pie while the “Killie Pie” trademark is under dispute.

The Managing Director of Brownings, Mr Gall was quoted as saying “I hope that by renaming our pie the Kilmarnock Pie and making its origins clearer to people outwith the town, that Kilmarnock can become as well known for its pies, as Forfar is for its bridies and Arbroath is for its Smokies.”

Sometimes, sadly, it is about more than just a game!

It’s About More Than Just Football
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