It’s a Syn- dication

Syndicated news is very much the way of the world these days, but at what point does it end?

Reading today’s West Australian newspaper, as usual the first three pages in from the back were all the sport we don’t mention, and six stories were written by four of their journalists with one piece being syndicated.

The next two pages see another six stories on other sports, five syndicated and only one on swimming written locally. The next double page spread, all five stories were syndicated. The same applied to the next five stories on the following two pages.

Finally on the tenth page in from the back page there was another story written locally about the Perth Heat; the snippets column would however also most likely have been put together locally.

If we ignore that snippets column, seventeen stories over ten pages and twelve were syndicated rather than chased up locally. We understand that they are trying to save money locally but surely this ratio is a little over the top? Does today’s sporting news also reflect their limits reporting on other sports other than the one we don’t mention?

It’s a Syn- dication

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