It Looks Like It’s Finally Going To Happen

Many readers may recall that Not the Footy Show stated that Many Pacquiao’s last fight would indeed be the much awaited and hugely rewarding bout against Floyd Mayweather and that in the past year the on again off again nature has been part of the dance. It has helped pique interest and also helped push the purse for both boxers higher.

Experts in the USA are now saying that the fact that Mayweather has managed to get his 90-day prison sentence for hitting a woman postponed until June is because the much-anticipated fight is schedule for around May 05 this year. The purse is expected to be in the region of US$1million and the fight will be held in Las Vegas.

This latest chapter in Mayweather’s life/career is bound to sway public opinion even more into Pacquiao’s corner. Only in America could a big fight see a prison sentence be put on hold!

It Looks Like It’s Finally Going To Happen
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