It is What is, Not What Might Have been, that Matters

Statistics, lies and damn lies is the saying and it may well be true when looking at the performances of South African batsman Hashim Amla who was undoubtedly the cricketer of the English Summer scoring 817 International runs at an average of 116.71. A truly impressive performance.

As is always the way in sport these days there is someone with far too much time on their hands as they have actually revisited his performances and come up with the fact that England dropped catches when he was batting on six occasions, at a cost of 539 runs. This means that he should have only scored 278 runs at an average of 39.71. We cannot work out if they are trying to diss Amla’s performance or highlight England’s failings with this statistic.

Amla may well have given those chances, but the truth is England did not hold their catches and he showed the mental strength to go on and make them pay. England only have themselves to blame, as for Amla, he should be proud of his achievements as he worked hard to have the success that he did.

It is What is, Not What Might Have been, that Matters
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