It Happens to the Best

The great thing about Football and in fact sport as a whole is its unpredictability. The fact that it is at the end of the day played by mere mortals means that no matter how talented the individuals we pay to watch they are as fallible as the fans.

Many pundits predicted an all Spanish Final to the European Champions League, but both Chelsea and Bayern Munich showed the character and will to win that saw them progress to the showcase final ahead of Real Madrid and a team many tout as the best the game has seen, Barcelona.

What was interesting was seeing the two players who are rated as two of the best in the World, Barcelona’s Lionel Messi and Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo both miss penalties in successive night’s. How many people would have predicted that? IN today’s bet on anything world that we live in what odds would you have been able to pick up on such an occurrence?

That is the beauty of sport, even the big names make mistakes. Although let us not forget that Ronaldo missed his last penalty in the competition in the 2008 Final for Manchester United against Chelsea.

It Happens to the Best
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