It All Worked Out In The End

A fantastic win by the Wallabies at the weekend, to claim the Tri Nations and an important victory over the All Blacks leading up to the World Cup.

Before the game in the pre-match coverage assistant coach David Nucifora was miked up and talking to the commentary team in the studio while the players were warming up.

Did the interview offer much insight into the upcoming game, probably not. What was interesting was he had to shoo a player away who came up to ask him something because he was live on national television.

Which raises the question where should his priorities lie, with the team or with the broadcaster who pumps so much money into Rugby Union. Obviously the broadcaster wants their slice of pie, but ultimately the fans want to see the national team win, and would be willing to do without such ‘insights’

What do you think?

It All Worked Out In The End
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