Is Honesty The Best Policy?

Many of us were given the sound advice when we were children that if we had nothing nice to say about someone we would be better off saying nothing; but what about saying something that you don’t believe, surely that is just as bad?

In today’s politically correct world of sport, players and coaches are frequently fined for comments that they make about the game, referee and other coaches and players. Often these comments are made in the heat of the moment following a very passionate encounter, when they are obliged to talk to the media, and their emotions have not yet been brought into check.

It is in fact these interviews that the fans value the most, as the responses come from the heart and often show the hurt, or the passion that the player or coach has for their team; let us not forget few coaches or players last as long as Sir Alex Ferguson and Ryan Giggs at a club, but true fans never change their club.

Now sadly the political correctness appears to be creeping into the press releases and statements put out by media departments at various sporting organisations. The media are being sent quotes from coaches on players departing clubs for pastures new praising the players in question and making them out to be the nicest guy and the greatest player, when in many cases the player is leaving because the coach doesn’t want him or the club is not prepared to pay what he feels he is worth. Only when they sign for the new club does the truth come out. So these statements are just another example about how ingenuine the relationship is becoming between the clubs and their loyal fans.

Fans in many sports are beginning to disconnect with the clubs they support, due to a lack of honesty. They pay their hard earned money to buy the team shirt, attend club functions and go to games, the least they expect in return is the truth.

We believe that the time has come for those running various sports to have faith that but taking the muzzle off those involved in giving the fans entertainment and trusting that this will actually help their game rather than hinder it. What do you think?

Is Honesty The Best Policy?
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