IPL Plays a Straight Bat

While the IPL auction was making all the headlines in India and the fact that many of the franchises are opting for young Indian talent to offset the money spent on foreign stars, and the fact that no Sri Lankans were picked up in the auction, very few noticed the release of Justice Mudgal panel’s report on corruption in the IPL.

Vijay Mallya owner of the Royal Challengers in Bangalore said that scandals were part of every sport and the brand value of the IPL remained unaffected.

“It happens in every sport. We would not have been sitting here if we would not have been excited about the IPL. committed to the IPL,” He said.

Let us hope that the right checks and balances are in place to ensure that the fans are never questioning the the results of their teams, as it is one scandal that Cricket cannot afford, and will soon have the fans turning on the high paid stars.

IPL Plays a Straight Bat
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