Inside Straight?

Could there be more at play in Athletics WA chief executive Wayne Loxley’s comments last week that if Australia is to bid for the 2019 world athletics championships, ‘an event of that size would be held at the new stadium.’

Let us not forget that Wayne has his own company White Line Management which in the main represents players from the sport that we don’t mention.

So his comments “I am sure that you would get bipartisan support to secure it,” would tend to imply that dialogue has already opened on having an athletics track around the proposed new sporting stadium in Perth.

If that is the case it is the death knell for football, rugby union and rugby league. Watching all of these rectangular sports on an oval is bad enough but add an athletics track into the mix and you will be even further away from the action.

If Western Australia was to bid on international events such as this why were not plans put in place when the new Athletics track was built?

There is such a lack of foresight in the respective governments it is not funny. If you do not want to build a rectangular stadium, give the sports the land and let them find the funding to build a stadium. With no such venue in Perth, some visionary will see the potential money earning possibilities and step in and build it.

Inside Straight?

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