In Poor Taste

The mobile phone has caused many a sportsperson a headache in recent times following a tweet in the heat of the moment. Some have had unfortunate photographs taken of them on other people’s phones but how many have copped a fine for a photo they have taken?

Cathy Gannon a lady jockey in the United Kingdom copped a fine of UKL290 from stewards at Newbury Racecourse in the UK for breaking racing rule D 33.1 involving use of a mobile phone.

Ms Gannon used her mobile phone to back up complaints that she had made via social media as to the quality of the food put on for the jockeys.

She took out her phone and photographed two dishes in the riders dressing rooms. By all accounts it was far from appetising and one dish consisted of the remnants of a few very scrawny chickens. The other involved chickpeas.

It is well known that jockeys have to keep their weight down, but it is also vital that they need to be fed properly in order to have the energy required to ride consecutive races in a busy meet.

Hopefully despite the fine Ms Gannon’s point has been made and the jockeys receive far better fair at the meal table in the future.

In Poor Taste
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