Icing on the Cake

Perth Thunder ice hockey team and those behind the scenes have worked wonders in the past three years, to not only create a side in Western Australia, but also to steer that team to a finals appearance in just their second season in the Australian Ice Hockey League. The publicity that they have managed to garner in a city that is wary of new  sports and especially ones with their origins in another country has been amazing, and tickets to Thunder games have become hot property.

What is even better news for their loyal fans is the fact that they have also managed to secure a major ice hockey event in Perth in July next year.

Two of the biggest North American professional ice hockey teams will fly to Australia to compete. Where would such a game be held in Perth? The answer is the Perth Arena where  a NHL specific temporary ice floor will be installed and then teams from the USA and Canada will battle it out in Game 1 of the 2014 series. Tickets go on sale in November.

Congratulations once again to all concerned for making this possible, and hopefully the stadium will be filled and tickets to the Thunder will become even hotter!

Icing on the Cake
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