I Keep On Knocking But I Can’t Get In.

It was I believe the Philosopher Confucius who said “Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated,” maybe this should be put above the entrance to Football West’s offices.

First of all let us say again that we applaud the taking of the Night Series outside of the central metropolitan area. However what should have been a very simple exercise has again been complicated.

This weekend and next weekend saw fixtures scheduled for Saturday nights and coinciding with Perth Glory playing at home. The first question has to be how can that happen, when the Glory fixtures have been set in stone for months? Surely whoever plans the Bam Creative Night Series would look at the Perth Glory fixtures and ensure that the two never clashed? Or is that really too simple an expectation.

If the doubling up was not bad enough, the fact that no notice was sent out to people to let them know the Saturday fixtures had been moved. No advertisements were run in the newspaper at the weekend to let people know of the change. No update was available on the Football West website, which still shows the games scheduled for Sunday night, even for next weekend!

So is it any wonder that people rocked up to Macedonia Park on Saturday evening only to be told they could not come in as there were no games! Needless to say Football West was a hot topic of conversation, but sadly once again for the wrong reasons.

I Keep On Knocking But I Can’t Get In.
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