Hughes a Twit? Or Victim of Technology?

So Philip Hughes twittered that he had been dropped from the Australian test cricket team, and he is being lambasted for it.

Sadly the 20 year old is a victim of youth and the selectors not aware of the way things work with the younger generation.

Nowadays information moves very fast, even if you simply tell a friend or an associate. It may not have been the right thing to do, but rest assured that this sort of information is going to be out in the world a lot more than it ever was in the past.

As for breaking a team rule, who knows? He may have been bitter at the way his dropping was handled, had been told his place was safe only to be dropped. There could be so much more we don’t know about. So let’s not be so quick to judge. He still is a great talent, and still young, he is bound to make mistakes.

If as Jack Fingleton always believed it was Bradman who leaked the Bert Woodfull’s comment to Plum Warner during the Bodyline series, “  “There are two sides out there. One is trying to play cricket, the other is not. The game is too good to be spoilt. It is time some people got out of it.” Had this happened today he probably would have twittered it!

Hughes a Twit? Or Victim of Technology?
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