How Not To Fill a Stadium

Many will be aware that the history of Boxing is littered with pugilists opening their mouths when they should have kept it shut, often in the name of promotion, and to ensure the stadium is full.

British Boxer Tyson Fury though may well have bungled big time with his latest comments.
Fury has just moved to Morecambe in Lancashire a town made famous by the comedian Eric Morecambe, part of double act Morecambe and Wise, who actually took the town’s name rather than use his own on stage.

Fury announced after settling into his new home that he would love to fight at the Globe Arena in the town, the home of League two side Morecambe. That was all well and good, but then he followed up by saying he could do a better job of entertaining the public than the football team.

“The Football team isn’t very good so I am the only celebrity in town” he boasted

Shrimps fans are said to be far from impressed.

How Not To Fill a Stadium
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