Horse Power!

Olympic Gold Medal MailboxGreat Britain is still basking in the glory of both the Olympic Games and the Paralympic Games and the sheer weight of medals of all colours that they won, and rightly so.

In UK sport of late when success comes so to do hounors from the Queen, although approved by the Prime Minister. In recent years there have been many who have questioned how easily such awards have been handed out when players of yesteryear were left with the honour of calling themselves a World Champion and knowing that it was a case of a job well done. England’s cricketers and Rugby team being the two that raised a few eyebrows, while England’s footballers whose achievement winning the World Cup looks every day more unique had to wait decades for any recognition.

Prime Minister David Cameron is now saying that there should be a special award for the nation’s sportsmen, and there are many who are nodding in agreement.

One honour that was quirky and unique was the painting of Royal Mail postboxes Gold in the towns or villages where Olympic and Paralympic gold medallists came from.However Brian Payne the mayor of Holt in Norfolk is taking this a step further. He has backed the call for the town’s post box to be painted gold in honour of the horse Big Star, who is stabled there.

Nick Skelton rode Big Star to gold in the Equestrian event and has a gold mailbox in his home town of Alcester and Mr Payne does not see why the horse that he rode to gold should not be honoured as well. “What’s good for the rider should be good for the horse,” he has been quoted as saying, “Big Star’s an athlete, albeit with four legs.”

Although there has been no response from the Royal Mail

Horse Power!
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