Honest Peter.

We have to admit that we are unashamed fans of England and Spurs striker Peter Crouch, in the main due to his ability to laugh at himself and his connection with the fans.

His ‘pull out the rope’ robotics following his goal against the Ukraine as a reference to the brilliant Comic Relief sketch with English funny man James Corden being a case in point. Although Corden’s robotics in this instance surpass Crouch’s!

But his latest little piece of magic is something else. He was recently interviewed on television in the UK and was asked the usual twenty questions, favourite goal, toughest opponent, team you supported as kid. The big man gave usual run of the mill answers. Then came the best, ‘What would you be if you weren’t a professional footballer.’ Without batting an eyelid, the big man answers, “ A Virgin.”

Brilliant, there really is nothing more that needs to be said.

Honest Peter.
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