Holmes Sweet Holmes!

There has been no secret that the question as to who will light the Olympic Flame to open the London Olympics 2012, has raged on and at time become very personal, thanks to a public spat between five time gold medal winner Sir Steven Redgrave and double Olympic Gold medal winning decathlete Daley Thompson.

Rather than leaving the two to square off it appears other key figures are being drawn into the debate, which may of course be a media beat up. Chairman of the British Olympic Organising Committee Lord Coe is said to favour Thompson, who he has been quoted as saying is ‘the nations greatest Olympian.’  While going into bat for Redgrave is former Olympic Rowing Gold medallist and British Olympic Association chief Lord Moynihan.

There is talk that both may well be overlooked and the honour will go to Dame Kelly Holmes, winner of the 800m and 1500m in Athens in 2004. Holmes would be a great choice and no doubt one that would represent the Games in the modern era. She is a successful female athlete first and foremost, she is black and has set up her own trust to help young athletes. She is a shining example of a successful woman in the modern world of sport, and has at all times managed to maintain her humility.

The Olympic motto is Citius, Altius, Fortius, which is Latin for  Faster, Higher, Stronger; Dame Kelly Holmes proved she could run faster, she has risen above petty politics and egos and the image of the London Games will no doubt be stronger should the honour go to her. For she embodies the true spirit of the Olympic Games in the modern era.

Holmes Sweet Holmes!
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