High Noon in Switzerland

If many in Australia thought that “the sport we do not mention” was unco-operative when it came to Australia’s world cup bid and real football wanting them to move their fixtures, then watch this space as a far bigger squabble is about to break out.

Thomas Bach the president of the International Olympic Committee is about to square off against FIFA counterpart Sepp Blatter.

Why you no doubt ask, it is all to do with the fact that the 2022 Winter Olympics and the rescheduled World Cup are set to clash.

With FIFA looking certain to shift the World Cup to avoid Qatar’s stifling temperatures, many are saying that the IOC are going to be forced to change the dates of their planned event, because of television scheduling for stations who have purchased both events.

Bach, has however has been quoted as saying that the showpiece event will not be shifting its dates, and will happen as scheduled in Beijing or Almaty, depending on who wins hosting rights.

To spice up the battle European Clubs Association Vice Chairperson Umberto Ghandi stated last week that the winter Games were of little consequence, so it would not be a major issue.

Blatter is an IOC member in his role as President of FIFA, and is due to meet with Bach to try and come to an amicable agreement. Many insiders claim that Bach is going to tell Blatter to take a running ski-jump, and is prepared to threaten the continuation of football as an olympic sport if Blatter does not move his event.

It should be an interesting meeting…

High Noon in Switzerland
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