Halfway to Hell

We have been lead to believe that while we were in Germany covering the Women’s World Cup, and edict came out from Football’s governing body in the West, Football West, that their banners must be situated behind the goals at State Premier League grounds as well as on the halfway line.

A reasonable request if made at the end of a season or the start of a new season, but half way through a league season it does take some understanding.

State League clubs are by and large on the breadline, crowds are well done this season, while player wage demands are on the rise. The Global Financial Crisis has, despite what our politicians and government employees will tell you, bitten the commercial world, and as a result sponsorship money is tight.

Many of the State League clubs have promised their major sponsor prime position for their billboard, on the halfway line. They have now had to explain that they can no longer offer this position, as a State league promotion with financial benefit to any club must be in that position.

Such a decision totally beggars belief and closes another door of opportunity for clubs to raise much-needed funds.

Halfway to Hell
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