Great Scot, that Could Work

Who said never mix sport and Politics?

There are certainly many sports administrators and politicians who have failed to heed such a warning and some have benefitted immensely from dappling in the sporting arena as a politician. Nelson Mandela used sport superbly to unite a fractured South Africa. Yet as we saw in London at the recent Olympic Games Prime Minister David Cameron was asked not to attend some events as the athletes felt he brought bad luck.

Certainly a lesson learned at the London Games is not to have politicians anywhere near the medal ceremonies, as many were booed as soon as their names were announced. Then again probably the biggest boo of the games was for FIFA President Sepp Blatter as he was rolled out to present the medals at the final of the Women’s football.

One man who appears to have cleverly looked to use  sport to his political advantage is Scottish National Party leader Alex Salmond. Scotland’s First Minister has very cleverly timed the referendum on Scotland’s independence for Autumn 2014, a date that meant little to many. Yet it will be held shortly after Glasgow has hosted the Commonwealth Games.

Salmond is no doubt hoping that there will be a similar nationalistic fervour to the London Games and that will be what carries the vote. It could well be a political masterstroke, especially if Scotland can win a few medals.

Great Scot, that Could Work
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