Gone For A Burton

Congratulations to Balcatta’s Steve Burton on winning the McInerney Ford Gold Medal in the All Flags State Premier League in Western Australia last night. There are few who would disagree with the award, as he did have an outstanding year.

A thought must go out to Johnny Mirco, who missed out on the award by the slimmest of margins. The Western Knights player, who started the season with Cockburn City, was level with Burton at the end of voting. The packed audience was advised that a count-back was then carried out, and the player who had picked up the most maximum votes in the season determined the winner. Steve Burton was then announced as the winner.

The Balcatta striker showed his class as a person reflected the class he showed on the park, when before heading to the stage to collect his award, he moved to the back of the room, to the table where Mirco was seated shook his hand and said something to him. It was a wonderful gesture.

Burton was then presented with the Gold Medal itself that is valued at around $5,000 and was then given the keys to his brand new Ford Fiesta.

Obviously the car could not be shared, and it was a very difficult position for the powers that be to find themselves in. The count back appeared the obvious decider, but sadly that is not without its flaws, as Mirco may well have not picked up as many maximum three votes, but surely that means that he had a more consistent season, rather than a number of outstanding performances?

It would be wonderful if there was some way money could be raised for Mirco to receive a medal as well, as by all intents and purposes he deserves that. He has missed his moment in the limelight, and will never get that back, but in such unique circumstances you feel he deserves some acknowledgement, rather than going through the rest of his life possibly feeling he was hard done by.

The two players obviously had a great season, and both are worthy winners, and as we stated Steve Burton showed he is a true gentleman, by acknowledging Mirco before accepting his plaudits. He was a credit to himself and the game.

Gone For A Burton
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3 thoughts on “Gone For A Burton

  • October 18, 2011 at 9:51 am

    Struth, although I am not sure of all the levels of prize money available I believe that you could well be right.

  • October 16, 2011 at 5:03 pm

    Well done Steve Burton, what a sportsman doing that.
    Mirco definitely deserves an award.

  • October 16, 2011 at 12:35 pm

    Not Sure but would this take Burtons $$$$$ haul to more than his club received for winning the Premier League and Perth the Champions and Sorrento the cup winners – Maybe all of them combined .. Please tell us in a Posting …

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