Gold for Ghabrial

Western Australia’s Claire Ghabrial won gold at the Turkish Prime Ministry boxing tournament held in Ankara Turkey at the weekend. Unfortunately for Claire after winning all three bouts in the first three days her opponent in the final, Katie Taylor of Ireland was unfit to box. Claire was disappointed not to have won the Gold in the ring, but in situations such as these you can only do what you have to do, and in this case she won every bout and was ready to box her opponent for the honour of the gold medal, but her opponent was injured.

What must be disappointing for Claire is the fact that Katie Taylor is the world champion and this would have been a real test to see at what level she has reached. After defeating a girl from Kazakhstan 4-1, then a Canadian 2-1 before beating a Ukrainian 8-1 in the semi final, Claire looked to be in great form.

Congratulations Claire.

Gold for Ghabrial
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