Going Going…

There is belief in business that good managers are the ones who make the hard decisions. No doubt the Chairman of Football West, Bob Kucera is relieved that he is not going to have to make what proved too hard a decision for his predecessor, asking that the holder of the position of CEO of Perth Glory step down as a board member.

The organisation has claimed that there is no conflict with the incumbent holding a position on the board because his is a paid position with Perth Glory. (A Crucial Question) Discussions with the Australian Institute of Company Directors saw them hold a very different opinion.

However it may well all be for naught as we hear that the current CEO of Perth Glory, Mr Paul Kelly, will resign his position on the board of Football West so that he can focus his attention on turning the Western Australian football Flagship around.

It has surprised many in the past week to hear that he held the CEO role at Perth Glory only in a part time capacity last season. Apparently the report produced by David Hatt stated that the club desperately needed a full time CEO. What is worrying is that Mr. Hatt was paid to offer that opinion, when most people would believe it was a fairly obvious requirement if you want to run the club successfully.

Going Going…
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